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Stamford Auxiliary AC generator for sale

Stamford Auxiliary AC generator HCM636K2 serial no 0253470/2 complete with Lloyds register certificate Built 2008, ZERO running hours, fully operational

  • Condition measuring, bearing measurement, professional vibration calculation measurements performed by certified specialists at site.
  • Equipment measured while in service, assists you to avoid non planned breakdowns.

  • We measure generator sets, pump, electric motors and all other rotating equipment with certified equipment, issue reports following with conclusion and advises.

  • Laser alignment at site with certified and calibrated special equipment, performed by certified specialist

  • Our technicians carry certificates for offshore work within oil/gas and wind.

  • For service contact rb@westdiesel.dk Ronnie Bertelsen service manager

  • For spares contact lager@westdiesel.dk spare parts department

  • For sales contact salg@westdiesel.dkwe design and construct to customer request


Rasmus Sørensen


(+45) 76 11 41 62

Erling Sørensen

Adm. direktør

(+45) 76 11 41 61