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Bilge Water Separators

Bilge Water Separators are available in many variants for your requirements and are certified IMO, and eligible for DNV-GL compliance if required. Bilge Water Separators from Facet have many advantages and you are able to configure your bilge water separator to your vessel

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The presence of emulsified oil in the bilge water of the latest generation vessels caused IMO to issue a resolution, which requires that the resulting effluent after bilge water treatment must contain levels below 15 ppm of surfactants.

Bilge Water Separators from Facet

Facet's Bilge Water separator equipment eliminates hydrocarbons in two stages. In the first stage, the free hydrocarbon is separated from water through Facet coalescing plates, while in the second stage emulsions are broken by the (ceramic) membrane which removes emulsified hydrocarbon, reaching down an effluent with total hydrocarbon content of less than 5 ppm. This brings the ppm value under 15 ppm, which is required for IMO-certified vessels. Furthermore, Facet's Bilge water separators are also eligible to be DNV-GL compliant if required. If you need to know more about our Bilge Water separators or want a quotation, contact us as we are always ready to assist you.

Bilge Water Separators CPS 3.2E + EMB

Experience, knowledge, and innovation, united to develop a compact, small footprint and lightweight equipment fully driven by a PLC. The treatment of this type of water using traditional bilge water separators has resulted ineffective in achieving these results, so in order to comply with this resolution, in Facet we have developed bilge water separators with ceramic membranes. The combination of this technology together with coalescent plates has allowed our Facet CPS 3.2E + EMB Separators to meet the strict requirements of the aforementioned IMO regulation.

• Flow rate homologated: 0.73 m³/h (3.2 USGPM)
• Supplied ready to be installed
• Fixed control level, without float
• Separated oil discharge facilitated by pump
• Power supply 380/440V, 50 or 60 Hz

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Bilge Water Separators CPS B MKIII + EBM 14x

This Facet bilge water separator is compact, adaptable to the small spaces available on board, lightweight, and low maintenance. Its operation is very easy and completely automatic, with all its functions controlled through a PLC. This model combines the classic coalescing plates with the disposal membranes which achieve high efficiency in the breakdown of chemical and mechanical emulsions. This combination allows the Bilge Water Separator to meet the strict IMO requirements. 

• Flow rate range homologated:
from 0.5 m³/h (2.2USGPM) to 10 m³/h (44 usgpm)
• Supplied ready to be installed
• Fixed control level, without float
• Power supply 380/440V, 50 or 60 Hz

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Advantages of Bilge Water Separators from Facet

No moving components, other than pumps and pneumatic valves. Separated oil discharge facilitated by pump and water presence of less than 5% in the separated oil, so it can be burned if needed. Very low maintenance, consisting of occasional hosing cleaning of the plates, and membrane's hot self-cleaning process. No chemicals are needed in both operations. The bilge water separator is equipped with the following accessories: A bilge alarm and on some models electric heater in the oil dome to facilitate heavy oil discharge if required.

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Could you not find the exact model for your vessel? Facet has more Bilge Water Separator models for you to choose from to accommodate your requirements, see below. Are you in doubt about what specification you need for your vessel? We are always ready to assist you in finding the best Bilge Water separator solution for your vessel.

Facet Bilge Water Separators with Ceramic Membrane CPS-10B MKIII + EMB

See full specification here

Facet Bilge Water Separators with Disposal Membrane CPS 3.2E + EBM 14x1

See full specification here

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