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Marine/Offshore Winches

Compact Hoisting Winches. Customized winches to fully meet each individual application requirements for industrial, marine and offshore use.

30 years supplying Hydraulic Compact Hoisting Winches worldwide. known for our high quality, fast deliveries. Best choice for you who need high-quality and long-lasting winches.

Marine/Offshore Winches

All winches are designed and manufactured specifically to your needs and application. This results in a long-lasting, high quality and safe winch. We have compact winch models from TMA ranging from 600 – 5700 kg. (1st layer line pull) together with TMV/TME hydraulic winches that can pull 4500 - 24000 KG (1st layer line pull)  Both of these winches have many advantages and accessories available, which makes it easy for you to get exactly the winch you need, Accessories available is, for example, Load detection system, Constant Tension, MOPS, AOPS and much more. See the full list of accessories available for our compact winches below.

Compact and heavy lifting Marine winches

The compact winches can also be used when space is limited. The advantage is that the winch is very compact and lightweight which makes it perfect for cranes who do lifts up to 5700 KG  (1st layer line pull).  See all the Compact hoisting winches available here.

TMV winches are driven by an axial piston motor, whilst TME winches have an orbit motor. Both ranges have the brake outside drum, to simplify maintenance. Both of the ranges are available in marine version, with stainless steel rope tensioner and marine surface treatment. these winches can lift up to 24000 KG (1st layer line pull) depending on what version is needed. see all the hydraulic TMV/TME hoisting winches available here

Winches for Marine and Offshore applications

TMA Marine and offshore winches are very popular for marine and offshore applications because of their high durability and 3 layers of protective coating. Surface preparation by sandblasting, Primer, epoxy layer, and finally polyurethane layer. The tension roller is available in stainless steel and internal rotating components are made with anti-corrosion treatment to ensure a long-lasting winch. This makes the winch Reliable and high-performance extremely resistant in Marine/Offshore applications.

Marine/offshore Winch Accessories

  • Wire Rope
  • Pulley Block
  • Hook
  • Tension Roller
  • Lower Limit Switch
  • Spooling Device
  • Load Limiting System
  • Load Detection System
  • Emergency Lowering
  • MOPS
  • AOPS
  • Constant Tension


Need a winch with other capabilities?

We also provide winches for industrial use and have more winches to choose from to meet the requirements of your winch. Do you need your winch to have other capabilities and functionalities? We have heavy-lift winches, electrical winches, pulling winches, and more to accommodate your application. See all the winches available here. Or contact us and get guidance from our professionals to help you choose the perfect winch for your solution.

Contact us for high quality winches

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