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Mitsubishi Marine Spare Parts

Buy genuine Mitsubishi marine spare parts from West Diesel (Medium-high speed). We are one of the industry leaders when it comes to marine spare parts. We provide good prices and a wide spare part stock, which results in fast delivery of your Mitsubishi marine spare parts.

Get professional help from West Diesel. With our 25+ years in the industry, we are ready to help you get the Mitsubishi marine spare parts you need

Medium/High-speed Mitsubishi Spare parts

Urgent need of Mitsubishi spare parts? Or maybe you have scheduled maintenance or another situation where you need genuine marine spare parts for a Mitsubishi Engine. At West Diesel, we have a large stock of many spare parts and can deliver very quickly. Call us if you are unsure about which spare parts you need, we can help you find the required component. Save yourself a lot of time looking in those spare part manuals and give us a call to help you find the component you need. Contact us on phone: +45 75 12 70 44

Genuine marine spare parts

All Mitsubishi Marine Spare parts you buy from us are 100% genuine. West Diesel has for years been collaborating with offshore, shipping, and fishers all over the world. West Diesel has headquarters in Denmark where we are one of the leading suppliers and has delivered to all kinds of vessels.

Reliable marine spare parts

West Diesel is a part of this process as we make your life easier when browsing for parts. West Diesel has delivered thousands of spare parts around the globe and are proud to be Mitsubishi dealer. Our Mitsubishi Spare parts are always genuine which provides you the best product possible. The reliability and quality from Mitsubishi are unmatched by unoriginal parts, this really shows in the long run. Genuine marine parts from Mitsubishi ensures you long lasting and perfect fitting components. Genuine spare parts from Mitsubishi are an important investment for vessels, that wants to make sure the components are at their highest quality.

Spare parts in stock

In a hurry? West Diesel is often able to deliver your spare parts quickly. The reasoning for this is because we have a wide stock of Mitsubishi spare parts and can send them quickly by air freight if necessary. West Diesel has specialists in spare parts, that can find exactly those marine spare parts you need. Contact us by mail or phone and we will find your Mitsubishi marine parts.

Mitsubishi marine

Mitsubishi has been in the marine business for a long time and is often the go-to brand for many vessels. There is good reasoning for this, and those who already own a Mitsubishi marine engine probably already know. The ability to run many operating hours with proper service maintenance intervals is the most impressive about Mitsubishi marine engines. Combined with an easy opportunity for finding parts through West Diesel makes it even easier to own a Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi has been a huge part of delivering success to vessels all over the world and we at West Diesel are happy to be a part of delivering success to anyone with a Mitsubishi diesel marine engine.

International spare part requests

West Diesel is located in Denmark where we have been supplying Mitsubishi Spare parts to all kinds of vessels all over the globe. We are supplying your Mitsubishi marine spare parts where ever is necessary. We are able to transport your marine spare parts to you . Freight is calculated by each individual order as it depends on freight method, volume, and location. We have connections all over the globe and we always try to get the best solution for you.

Why choose West Diesel

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose your genuine high-quality marine spare parts from West Diesel:

  • Customers choose us because we know our industry and Mitsubishi spare parts inside and out. We can answer your questions and guide you about any concerns you might have regarding spare parts. Most importantly; we know what that tiny thing is called, you are searching for. Save the hassle in looking up in the catalogs. Do it the easy way, and simply call us.
  • The second reason to choose West Diesel is that you probably needed the spare parts yesterday, and we at West Diesel fully understand your situation and urgency. In these situations, we are doing our best to accommodate your needs and send your spare parts as quickly as possible. Often, we have all the spare parts you need for your vessel and are therefore able to send them the same day by order.
  • The third reason is that we assure you of professional handling of your request and we do that 24/7 on our service telephone. We know that breakdowns or maintenance is needed on the weekends and at any hour of the day. Therefore we are ready to help you when you need it. This reassures you high quality and fast service.

Mitsubishi marine models

Not sure if we deal with your specific marine engines spare parts? We deal all spare parts for all Mitsubishi high and medium-speed engines. The range of engines for propulsion ranges from 221-2984 kW. See all of the models here. For example, we have parts for the S6A3-MPTAW and the S12R, and many other reliable marine engines from Mitsubishi.

Need an extra shipfitter?

We offer worldwide on-site technical service. Our employees go out to customers in both Denmark and the rest of the world to help with service, installations, repairs, and maintenance. We are happy to sail along the way if necessary or move out to drilling platforms and offshore wind turbines if needed. Our travel fitters have a solid technical background - usually with several years of experience. They have all the necessary educations and certificates to work globally in shipping, offshore oil/gas, and wind turbines. Read more and contact our service department here

Contact us for Spare Parts

Get professional help from West Diesel. With our 25+ years in the industry, we are ready to help you with Mitsubishi marine spare parts or from our other brands, see all our brands here!

Contact us by phone: +45 75 12 70 44
or email: Salg@westdiesel.dk

We will handle your request as fast as possible. 


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