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Mitsubishi Marine Spare Parts

West Diesel is your professional supplier of genuine Mitsubishi parts for medium/high-speed engines. We have numerous clients around the world, because of our worldwide delivery, favorable discounts, and world-class customer handling

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West Diesel provides you with fast deliveries and low prices. We are well-known in our industry and have delivered millions of genuine spare parts worldwide!

Medium/High-speed Mitsubishi Spare parts

We supply all spare parts for all new & older models of Mitsubishi high/medium-speed engines - Propulsion and generator sets. The most popular spare parts we supply are for S6R, S6U, S6A3, S12R, and S16R Engines, but we supply to many other as well - Get an overview of the engine models we supply too hereContact us for quotation - Mail: [email protected] or phone: +45 75 12 70 44

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Genuine marine spare parts

All Mitsubishi Marine Spare parts you buy from us are 100% genuine. We have numerous clients around the world from the marine business, including multiple large shipping companies, as well as clients within offshore oil and gas, the wind turbine business, and the regular industry. We will provide you with high quality service as we always prioritize the customer’s needs.

A perfect fit for your engine

The reliability and quality of Mitsubishi are unmatched by unoriginal parts. Genuine marine parts from Mitsubishi ensure you long-lasting and perfect-fitting components. West Diesel is located in Denmark and we are professionals in our industry and have delivered millions of genuine spare parts all over the world to all kinds of vessels. We are supplying your Mitsubishi marine spare parts where ever is necessary. In a hurry? West Diesel is often able to deliver your spare parts quickly as we have large stock.

Fast Delivery of your spare parts

West Diesel fully understands your situation and urgency. In these situations, we are doing our best to accommodate your needs and send your spare parts as quickly as possible. Often, we have all the spare parts you need and are therefore able to send them the same day by order. We assure you of professional handling of your request and we do that 24/7 on our service telephone. We know that breakdowns or maintenance are needed on the weekends and at any hour of the day. Therefore we are ready to help you when you need it

Mitsubishi Marine Engine Models

We supply spare parts for all Mitsubishi high and medium-speed engines, for both old and new models. The range of engines for propulsion ranges from 221-2984 kW. See all of the models here. For example, we have parts for S6R, S12R, S16R, S6A3, S6U, S16R, and many other marine engines from Mitsubishi.

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Get professional help from West Diesel. With our 25+ years in the industry, we are ready to help you with Mitsubishi marine spare parts or from our other brands, see all our brands here!

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We will handle your request as fast as possible. 

Contact us for Mitsubishi Marine high-speed Spare parts


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