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Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are in demand by companies that need power for a limited period of time or as an emergency generator, if the primary power source should be interrupted. At West Diesel, it is possible to buy and rent Diesel generators for any project. We can supply diesel generators from 10 - 1500+ kVA of high quality.

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Optimal generator solution for your business

Find the best generator solution together with West Diesel - We have over 28 years of experience with diesel engines and generators. Our employees are specialists in their field and can build a generator set with the specifications you want for your particular application, such as marine, manufacturing companies, construction sites, etc. Contact us and let us find the best solution for your next generator.

Emergency generator

An emergency power generator can cover large effects and supply emergency power for many hours and is therefore particularly useful in industries where you are critically dependent on a constant and stable power supply, e.g. in manufacturing companies, hospitals, data centers and many more. If the accident happens and the normal power supply fails, it is essential to have an emergency generator that is independent of everything else and can supply no matter what. This is exactly what you get with an emergency generator from West Diesel. If you need a special solution, we offer to build the system yourself, which offers countless configuration options. We often build our custom-built plant with a John Deere engine and Stamford generator, which is a popular choice among our customers. This is due to the high quality and you have no doubt that here you will get a reliable and reliable diesel generator that suits your needs.

Diesel generator for all applications

Our Diesel Generators can be used in many applications and projects. Here are some of them we have delivered to; Construction projects, production and agricultural companies, IT companies, data centers, wind turbines, hospitals and other public buildings and much more.

High quality diesel generators

West Diesel supplies high quality Diesel Generators. This means that we only work with suppliers who meet our high standards. If you are not familiar with West Diesel, we focus on providing the best service to our customers. The most important thing for us is that you get the best possible solution for your project regarding your diesel generator. our Diesel generators will always be able to be tailored to your needs or situation. At West Diesel, you can secure a diesel generator that is operationally reliable, fuel-efficient, technological, reliable, quiet, easy to maintain and high quality.

Diesel generator for industry

West Diesel has extensive experience with Diesel generators for industrial use. Diesel generators are in noise-reducing boxes which reduce the noise to the nearby surroundings. Diesel generators can also be referred to as; generator system, emergency power system and emergency generator etc. We can supply Diesel generators ranging from 10 kVA to over 1500 kVA depending on the application. We have a large stock of diesel generators, so we often have the generator you need ready for quick delivery. There is the possibility of many adaptations if you need this. Eg. you can choose engine and generator from the alternatives we offer. Contact us and let us find the Diesel generator that suits your needs.

Need a generator or emergency generator?

Interested in hearing more about the options for your next emergency generator? We are at your disposal and are ready with guidance and advice. West Diesel has over 28 years of experience with diesel engines and generators. Our employees are experts in their field and can build a generator system with the specifications you want for your particular application. Contact us and get an optimal solution for your generator system / emergency generator project that fits your specific needs and application - secure the operation of your company with West Diesel.

Generators that cover your needs

Diesel Generator FOX 9-20 kVA

9-20 kVA diesel generators

Diesel Generator BIG FOX 20 - 60 kVA

20 - 60 kVA diesel generator

Diesel Generator GALAXY GX 20-750 kVA

20-750 kVA diesel generatorer.

Diesel Generator Powerfull 750 - 1705 kVA

750-1705+ kVA diesel generatorer.


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