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West Diesel Marine generator

Mitsubishi genset

Mitsubishi marine genset

West Diesel builds marine generator sets based on Mitsubishi engines. Mitsubishi does not need much introduction in the maritime world as they are probably the most recognized and reliable brand within Marine. This is also one of the reasons why West Diesel chooses to use Mitsubishi, as only the best is good enough. Mitsubishi engines can deliver a wide range of different effects and revolutions. In addition, Mitsubishi is known for being able to drive many reliable operating hours without problems, as well as low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and reliability that makes many sailors choose Mitsubishi without thinking twice.

Which brand should you choose?

If you are in doubt about which brand to choose, West Diesel is always at your disposal with guidance and advice for your next generator system. Each brand has its advantages within adaptations which means that in certain situations West Diesel will recommend one brand over another due to the benefits you get from that particular plant. West Diesel has 25+ years of experience with generator systems and professionals, as well as experienced employees who are highly qualified to take as a starting point what you require for your generator system and choose exactly the system that will suit your situation. Contact us with the contact information below and let us find your next facility together.


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