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Marine genset

Customized Marine Gensets from West Diesel

We offer a wide range of generator sets, from Nanni Diesel and Kohler as well as our custom-made generator sets in our own brand, West Diesel Gensets. The effect is from 5 kW to almost 4 MW, with frequencies at either 50 or 60 Hz.

Marine Gensets, tailored to your needs

We develop Gensets that provide a wide range of customization to your needs. We develop Gensets in collaboration with you and are always ready to advise to find the best solution.

Reliable Genset for marine and industry use

West Diesel Gensets are built from high-quality components, that ensure you are a reliable product with easy maintenance. We also ensure correct installation and testing.

Service 24/7 on your Genset

With our professional and highly qualified employees, you are in safe hands. If a repair or routine service is needed, we are ready to service your genset 24/7/365

All necessary certificates

West Diesel prioritizes your and everyone’s safety. All our genset comply with all rules and requirements for a genset, such as emission and environmental requirements.

Why buy a Genset from West Diesel?

West Diesel develops, produces, and sells gensets Do you have specific needs for your next genset? A genset from West Diesel is made in collaboration with you. Specify your needs and we will find the best possible solution. All our gen-sets are produced in our workshop in Denmark, Esbjerg. West Diesel assures you the best quality for your customized Genset. 

We have all the required certifications and professional employees in various fields. This accomplishes the best results and the highest satisfaction. We also have our own supervisors to do quality control and test the gen-set before it is delivered to you.

Genset with high quality

We are building our gensets with the best engine manufactures to be able to develop a product we can be proud of. These are John Deere, Mitsubishi and MAN. These brands have a strong focus on quality, which fits in well with the values of West Diesel. Our attitude is that everything we deliver must have a high standard. The reason for this is because we always have the customer in focus. We deliver to the customer’s needs and we do just that with our high standards in all areas.

Built with top quality brands

With these brands, we can build generator gensets for a wide variety of projects and purposes. The engines meet all emission and environmental requirements, as well as low fuel consumption, compact in size, and easily maintainable. Furthermore, they are reliable, fuel-efficient, service friendly, and have high performance. With our 25 years of experience, we are always ready to advise you regarding what engine would be the best for your situation.


Marine genset from west diesel

A Genset with the best combination

We recommend combining an alternator from Stamford with one of the engine brands above. This combination provides you with high operational reliability, service friendliness and high efficiency. Stamford alternator excels in marine, oil, gas auxiliary construction and other continuous or standby power applications. Note that we can develop gen-sets with other alternators as well if requested.


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