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Dong-I Marine Reduction Gears

Well-known for reliability, quality, and ability to fit all medium/high-speed engines from 74HP - 1549HP. Dong-I is a popular choice among our customers as it brings reliability to the engine room as well as provides many operating hours - see all models below

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Dong-I Marine Reduction Gears

World-class quality marine reduction gears from Dong-I have many advantages such as being robust, lighter than competitors, and known for having many operating hours. Dong-I gears are available in many models, variations, and reductions so that they will fit your engine perfectly. The Dong-I Gearbox fits almost all Medium/high speed in any application such as Workboat, tanker, fishing boat Passenger boat, Car ferry, Ro-Ro ferry, Trawler, Tug boat, Push boat, Tanker, Inland cargo, Tanker, and Commercial. Contact us and we will help you find your high-quality Marine reduction gear, that will be a perfect match for your vessel. 

Dong-I Marine reduction gear features

  • Marine reduction gearbox with hydraulic clutch.
  • Suitable for twin engines with the same reduction ratio as forward/reverse.
  • Design and strict quality management according to ISO9001 standards.
  • Use of seawater resistant castings.
  • Quiet operation with precise gearing.
  • Tapered roller bearing application considering maximum thrust.
  • Compact design, minimal appearance in its class.
  • Permanently available oil filter(metal) applied.
  • GO HOME (emergency bolt application) function.


  • Electric control valve(12V, 24V optional)
  • Mechanical trolling valve
  • Mounting brackets(Flat type, Customized)
  • Class

*some features and options may not be available on all models

Dong-I Marine gear introduction

Dong-I is a leading manufacturer of marine gear in Korea, and has been providing Hydraulic Marine Transmissions, Power Take Offs and Steering Systems since 1990. Growing together with customers by providing optimized specifications and ease of use grounded in original technology, Dong-I has been realizing customer satisfaction through outstanding quality and short lead time under ISO 9001.

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Get professional help from West Diesel. With our 25+ years in the industry, we are ready to help you with your next Marine reductional gear, we ensure you the best quality and fit for your project.

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