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Marine Reduction Gear - Dong-I Reduction gears

Marine Reduction Gear - Model: DL/BL

Key features

– Durable structure of driving gear bearing

– Lubrication structure of gear and bearing

– Thruster bearing for Output shaft

– High elasticity coupling provided

Standard supply

– Mechanical control valve

– Cable bracket/clamp parts.

– Oil cooler/cover

– Companion flange/Reamer bolts


– Durable structure of driving gear bearing

– Thruster bearing for Output shaft

– Marine reduction gearbox with hydraulic clutch.

– Suitable for twin engines with the same reduction ratio as forward/reverse.

– Design and strict quality management according to ISO9001 standards.

– Use of seawater resistant castings.

– Quiet operation with precise gearing.

– Tapered roller bearing application considering maximum thrust.

– Compact design, minimal appearance in its class.

– Permanently available oil filter(metal) applied.

– GO HOME(emergency bolt application) function.

– Bell housing(Selection)

– CENTA Flexible coupling


– Electric control valve(12V, 24V optional)

– Mechanical trolling valve

– Mounting brackets(Flat Type, Customized)

– Class

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