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Winches from TMA

Winches for Industrial and Marine application

We have more than 25 years of experience and are one of the leading Danish suppliers in shipping, fishing, offshore, and industry. We have achieved this as we always set the bar high. We are at your disposal when you need industrial and marine winches.

TMA wire winch has a strong focus on quality that fits well with the values of West Diesel. Our position is that everything we deliver must have a high standard. The reason for this is that we always have the customer in focus. We deliver to the customer's needs, and we do just that with our high standards in all areas. This gives the best result and the highest satisfaction.

TMA designs and produces tailor-made wire winches to fully meet the individual application requirements. we can supply wire winches that can pull up to 30.000 kg. the components of a Wire winch from TMA are all specially selected for each type of game. The result is a game that puts together high performance and reliability. see our entire selection here.


TMA winches minimize maintenance activity whilst, at the same time, assuring the highest levels of reliability. Each winch is fully tested before delivery and the test results are recorded with the winch serial number. The TMA quality control system is certified and the organization continuously improved, with the results being demonstrated by the high-quality level of the winches.


TMA has a great deal of experience with the most known Classes for the certification of its products. Having extensive knowledge of the rules and standards, TMA is able to design and offer winches suitable for certification in a very short time. According to the requirements of the application, Classes provide their survey of the manufacturing process, review of the quality documents, and witness the factory acceptance test. TMA cares about its quality documents as well as about the product itself.


TMA designs its winches always focusing on the safety of the product, of the machine, and of the user. All winches are developed complying with the CE rules and they are suitable to be installed in CE-certified machines. TMA is able to provide winches in compliance with ATEX directive for zones 1 and 2.


TMA is well known for its attention to detail. Calibration of devices, painting, and protection of surfaces, installation of accessories: each activity is performed with the utmost care. This is demonstrated by the loyalty of our customers. Their satisfaction of installing a product of value and not just a product that works.


TMA can provide sturdy winches, suitable for drilling and construction machines. These applications require components able to guarantee maximum reliability in the most challenging working environment. TMA has a great deal of experience in this market, with a range of winches specially designed for such applications. Small size winches are very compact, with gears, motor, and brake integrated into the drum, whilst the larger winches have a welded frame with increased thickness, improving the stiffness and better tolerating eventual deformations of the machine. Moreover, TMA can develop bespoke winches to fulfill every customer requirement.


TMA appreciates that marine applications need components of the highest quality level to ensure the reliability of the whole piece of equipment. Having a great deal of successful experience in this market, TMA can provide a choice of winch ranges specially designed for operation in the sea. The design itself and the selection of the most suitable materials (for example tension rollers frame in AISI 316) increase the protection of the winch. Moreover, TMA has developed several painting procedures to provide the best protection in the marine environment (with sandblasting, metalizing, and even approved by Norsok).


TMA has a great deal of experience in the design and production of pulling and hoisting winches for mobile applications. High performance and reliable quality are combined in a compact product, suitable for installation where the acceptable dimensions are always limited. Customized and special versions are able to meet the requirements of every machine. Reliability is assured and required maintenance activity minimized, to reduce the impact on the costs of the machine.


Rasmus Sørensen

Sales Manager

(+45) 76 11 41 62