Electromagnetic clutch pumps - DJ-EMP2001

Electromagnetic coupling pumps for multiple purposes. High quality and at an incredibly low price. buy now Electromagnetic clutch pumps at West Diesel. Used for e.g. to clean fish.
Manufacturer: djimtech
SKU: 28-DJ-EMP2001-24
8.950,00 kr. incl tax


- Suitability for bliage under ship and deck cleaning and fighting the fire

- Easiness to operate the pump installing the switch inside of the ship and wheelhouse

- uses the electronic clutch pump at the voltage of from 12 to 24.

- Simplicity to install and operate because of the unnecessariness of depleting the air and filling out the water.

- Easiness to change the parts. Impeller can easily be changed by the unting the front cover.

- Possibility of lashing and backlashing

- Can be used as multi-functional pump which can carry the high viscosity of fluid, solid body, and sludge/slurry

- Selective installation of the rubber impellers between CR rubber which has strong durability and intensity and NBR rubber which has strong anti-oil nature.

Usage of the flexible electronic clutch pump : For ship ( Bilge under the ship , deck cleaning, Fighting the fire)

Dong Jin International Marine Tech. Company

For the past thirty years, Dong Jin International Marine Tech. Company (DJ PUMP) has manufactured engine cooling pumps, electro-magnetic clutch pumps and strainers for seawater and fuel systems.

DJ’s engineering knowledge, development of new technology and many years of manufacturing experience has earned an excellent reputation of quality and reliability. From development of pumps for new applications to vast improvement of existing pumps, all their products are manufactured in their facility to exacting tolerances and perfection. Manufactured in house, all DJ PUMP impellers can be fitted to most makes and models of flexible impeller marine engine cooling, bilge, electronic clutch, and multi-purpose pumps. They are made of a special rubber improving the quality and extending the impellers life without sacrificing any flow characteristics. Our impellers provide increased durability and are more abrasion resistant than other leading brands. Sea water strainer traps debris and particles from entering pumps inlet to prevent clogging and potential engine damage. Fuel strainer/filter traps particles from entering fuel system preventing potential engine damage and malfunction. Clear housing for visual inspection and strainer/filter is quick and easy to clean and replace. Oil Exchange Pumps make oil extraction quick, clean and easy.